Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Separation of the Spiritual & Material Worlds or God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Here is a posting I made in response to a Deepak Chopra article posted on SFGate.

Separation of the spiritual world and the material world? kind of practical. even if you're a fundamentalist (but not crazy) Christian/Muslim/Jew/Wiccan...etc...if you're caught in an on coming hurricane are you just going to get on your knees and pray for it to go away with the power of faith? no you're going to seek fortified shelter and then pray for everything to be okay.  Often attributed to Benjamin Franklin (and not in the Bible) "God helps those that help themselves".  

The concept of god(s) is/are always on the next horizon. In prehistoric days god(s) lived in/on some impassable mountain range. Then one day some person/people cross the mountain range and then god(s) are in the sky, under the water etc... there's no chariot going across the sky with the sun. Science taught us the earth is round and that the the earth revolves around the sun. The human concept of god is always going to be one step beyond human understanding. But that's fine because there's always going to be someone to challenge that boundary of understanding. On the other side of it, the internal human experience....it's not that hard really. Almost all religions support it. Human's are social creatures. It's the people in our lives that matter most. Be a good person, support/help your family, your friends, your community etc... Be a good person and your world will likely be better and will help you though inevitable adversity through life. So in a sense the spiritual world exists with us in our day to day lives through the people we interact with.

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Or as ole Oliver Cromwell said "Put your trust in God but keep your powder dry".

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