Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Evolution Of The Two Tight End Offense & Tecmo Super Bowl

8 Bits of Over The Top NFL Fun
New England utilizes a specialized passing game that uses two Tight Ends; Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.  Jim Harbaugh the Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers was famous for utilizing 3 Tight End personnel packages for his power run game which was integrated into his passing game.  With San Francisco he uses Pro Bowl Tight End Vernon Davis and former college wide receiver Delanie Walker in his multi-Tight End offense.  Michael Silver's article for Yahoo Sports about Bill Belichek and the origins of New England's dynamic two Tight End offense got me thinking about an offense I put together for Tecmo Super Bowl.

Tecmo Bowl
Fifteen to twenty years ago I played one of the greatest sports video games ever; Tecmo Super Bowl.  It was simple game that gave a player a limited number of plays to select and some of the star players had some outrageous and over the top abilities that added to the fun.  I think it was in one of the sequels to Super Tecmo Bowl that you were able to move players around in someway.  What I do remember was trying to get all of the best players on one team.  But when that became boring, my brother and I decided to draft players onto opposing teams.  What I came up with is in principle very similar to the two Tight End offenses you see today.  To best use a two Tight End type of offense, I used a Run and Shoot Playbook.