Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tebowing in San Francisco

When rumor first started that the 49ers were interested in trading for Tim Tebow, my first reaction was "WHAT THE FUCK????  Mostly because I think he's just not a good quarterback.  But after some more thought, I think it's because he represents the conservative Christian society in sports in the United States.  Something that mostly goes against my personal beliefs and philosophies.  But the more I think about it, for just pure entertainment value, Tebow to the Niners would have been socio-political train wreck waiting to happen.

Tebow's socia-political views are probably most notable in the media: last year, In 2010, Tebow controversially starred in an ad for the right-wing group Focus on the Family, which opposes LGBT rights. In fact, the organization has argued that there "is no evidence that homosexuals, as a class, are discriminated against in the present society."  Athletes have had a history of accepting, tolerating or just keeping their mouths shut about some of the crazy "liberal stuff" that goes on in the San Francisco Bay Area.