Thursday, February 23, 2012

Irrational, Emotional Thinking & The Plight of the Overdog

Classic Underdog Story
Everybody likes to root for the underdog.  Even in the Bible you have little David and the Philistine giant warrior Goliath.  But did anyone think that this poor brute was walking into a ruthless killers trap?  If you look at David's military and political career, you should almost feel sorry for Goliath.

Who's Really The Underdog Here?
Below is a blog entry I made as a reply to a posted response to a SF Gate article about how big movie studio distributors are forcing the movie industry to adopt digital projectors for distribution purposes and how it is adversely effecting small independent movie theater owners.  The reply was by a poster that was negative to the big movie studios for victimizing the small independent movie theater owners.  From the replies and the ratings on the posts (I had negative ratings while posts with opposing views had very positive ratings) it's obvious that most people take the simple of view of rooting for the little guy.     My posts are in green and the reply to my post is in red.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Those Damn Vague Deities & Surprise! Might Makes Religious & Political Right

This was a blog response I made for pastor Bruce Reyes-Chow.   I like Bruce's posts and I respond to them from time to time when he posts to the SFGate blog.  He seems like nice guy and if more Christians were like him, they'd probably have an easier time in the liberal media.  But Bruce like many liberals tends to be a bit on the hippie-dippy Jesus is love kind of kick...which is fine and makes for the kind of pleasant person you like to have around to discuss things with over dinner.  But ultimately proves to be impractical and ineffective for causing the change he seeks.