Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ranking NFL Quarterbacks: Game Manager? Elite? Scrub?

Giselle Mrs. Tom Brady
Since the quarterback position is unquestionably the most important position in the NFL, I thought I'd attempt to objectively review most of the quarterbacks in the league and rank them.  I look at their career passing statistics and their most recent statistics.  I also want to factor in big wins (like playoff and Super Bowl wins) and Pro Bowl honors.  Now I understand that a QB can win a Super Bowl and not be the best passer (I'm speaking to you Trent Dilfer) but I do include it as a factor.   The same with Pro Bowls.  Often times players get into the Pro Bowl on reputation alone.  But it's worth something and I think it has even more significance if a player has gone to multiple Pro Bowls (because it means his performance wasn't just a fluke year).  I'm ranking players by a grading system and categorizing them in a nominal system similar to the Madden video game.

The one QB I forgot to include is Chad Henne, who started some games with Miami last year before getting injured.  He's an average QB (I'd grade him a C); last year he had a 79 passer rating while throwing 4 TDs and 4 INTs and he's a career 77 passer.  He now is in the mix for the starting job with the Jaguars.

I included pictures of some of the QB's wives and girlfriends because I'm tired of the standard QB pics and quite frankly I find their significant others more pleasant to look at.