Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Post

Well I don't know where to begin.  It's 2012 and the end of the world may once again come around at the end of the year.  Who was the Emperor Norton?  He was an eccentric or mentally unbalanced man from the late 1800's that lived in San Francisco and proclaimed himself the "Emperor of the United States" and "Protector of Mexico".  He was mostly humored around town and considered a local celebrity.  He issued a decree to dissolve the US Congress (hey, who hasn't wanted to to do that from time to time) and for a bridge and a tunnel to connect San Francisco with the other side of the bay (which of course happened years later).

So why do I call myself Emperor Norton II?  Mostly because I can identify with being delusional and I like to think about and comment about the world and universe around me.  And while I think I'm right...I'm sure I sound quite mad.  Do I have any great religious or philosophical influences?

Yes, Leto Atreides II the God Emperor of Dune.  The fictional prophet/tyrant in the sci-fi Dune series by Frank Herbert.  Leto's purpose was to teach mankind.  And it is in the same fashion that the universe teaches mankind and it is up to mankind to learn and adapt to the universe.

So many of my blog entries will be postings I've made on various forums on the internet that I wish to preserve.  Spelling isn't really my thing, I'm usually in too much of a hurry or just don't care.  Also, since many of my blog entries are postings that I made to other websites, even my grammar and the coherency of my thoughts are often questionable.  And as of these first few posts, I'm well aware that I'm talking to myself.  But on the bright side, I most of the time understand what I'm blogging about (most of the time anyway...). 

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