Wednesday, January 25, 2012

99% Idiots; Same As It Ever Was & Ever Will Be

Below is a posting I made to a friend who has gone from being a conservative Republican to disillusioned with   both parties.  I basically agreed with him but expanded on it.  I probably should have gave him a link to my Douche & Turd: Lesser of Two Evils posting.

It’s Not About Liberal, Democrat, Republican Or Conservative, It’s About The Type Of People ALWAYS In Power
The Stone Cutter Illuminati: The True Masters of the World
No matter the government structure and philosophy (democratic, communist, socialist, autocratic, meritocratic…etc..) the assertive, ruthless, cunning, intelligent, opportunistic and charismatic…maybe even amoral or at least borderline amoral… will be the ones controlling resources and influencing others. These people are the politicians, CEO’s, Wall Street Bankers, those with money etc… the 1%. Even Plato offered up his society with “philosopher kings”. People in power tend to be the ones that seek power (money, political influence etc…). It doesn’t matter the type of government. And some of them may actually want to help the people, ALL OF THEM want to increase their power (for their own good or they may even thing for the good of the people)…hell our political system is designed for politicians to continuously seek to increase their power to stay elected.

Elite Is A Good Thing
I think people use the term “elitist” when referring to their frustration with the ruling party in their society. But let’s be honest isn’t it better that way. It’s a hard thing to admit that “all men are NOT created equal”. It’s even harder to admit not being part of the “elite”. But hey this isn’t the land of equality…it’s the land of equal opportunity…and that includes equal opportunity to fail. I can’t be the only one to observe someone and think…”holy crap, that guy’s vote is equal to mine”...and it’s not that I disagree with the person in question; it’s that the person is just scarily stupid or simplistic. I’m pretty arrogant but I’m not so proud to admit that I want someone smarter, more assertive, ruthless etc… in charge. This concept of a leader that is a common everyday man relating to the people crap is stupid. If you were having brain surgery would you want an “elite” surgeon from John Hopkins or an average doctor from some state school vocational med school program? I know who I’d prefer operating on my brain… why would I not want “elite” for my countries leaders (both political and economic)?

The FED; The Rich Managing Their Money (and all of ours too)
It’s funny; I’ve heard my VERY Left leaning friend also rant about the Fed as some quasi-mysterious entity of bankers that represent the American Aristocracy and not the American people. I also have a very Right leaning friend that complains about the Fed.  Well, the way I look at it, the Fed represents American money and since the top 10% have 90% of the wealth, the rich might as well manage their own money.

The Goal of the Game Called the American Dream

People are upset about the poor distribution of wealth in the US (it’s always been that way for the most part). They’re upset about the “Elite” who are in control of things (they’ve always been in control of things and always will). People are forgetting that the American dream isn’t to bring down the Elite or top 10% or 1%. It’s not to redistribute the wealth. THE AMERICAN DREAM IS TO TRY TO COME AS CLOSE TO BEING PART OF THE “ELITE” OR 1% AS POSSIBLE. Obviously most people aren’t going to get there but we’ll all be better for trying…after all as the cliché goes: Life’s a journey not a destination.

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